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Not only do we build and install gutters, but Bumblebee Gutters are also experts when it comes to effective, eco-friendly gutter cleaning in Richmond, Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Our fleet of gutter cleaning vehicles carries a variety of heavy-duty wet and dry vacuums to make gutter cleaning a breeze. These vacuums range in size from our 5-gallon, easy-to-move units to our custom-built, truck-mounted 55-gallon vacuum system that allows us to effectively clean gutters up to 300 feet away from the truck.

Gutter Vacuuming Removes Grime and Build-Up

While some companies use commercial-grade pressure washers to clean the insides of your gutters, we feel vacuuming is a superior method because it won’t cause your drainage underground to get blocked and back up. Vacuuming the insides of gutters instead of cleaning them by hand also allows us to get 100% of the dirt and grime out that has built up inside your gutters. This helps to alleviate weight and stress on your gutters from mud left behind when they’re cleaned by hand only. You can rest assured that any dirt and debris that gets collected into the drum of the vacuum will be disposed of off-site.

Your Gutters Will Be Clog-Free for Three Months* (certain conditions apply)

After we clean the insides of your gutters, we also scrub all the faces and downpipes of the gutters using the Tucker Pole system, and where needed, using eco-friendly, bio-degradable detergent. We guarantee your gutters will be clog-free for three months*(certain conditions apply) after we’ve cleaned them. Should any clogs or overflows arise within that period, we’ll be more than happy to address them free-of-charge.

PLEASE NOTE: In the event when a tech comes across any obstacle(s) during the clean, such as leaks, the tech will notify you as soon as possible. If you are not present, the tech will proceed to repair the minor damage(s) on your behalf in order to continue the work. The repairs will be charged out at tenths of an hour @ $68.25 per man hour and is not to exceed 20 percent of your bill.

*certain conditions apply. Bumblebee Gutters reserves the right to waive/not apply the guarantee in certain situations such as very heavily treed properties, etc. if the guarantee does not apply, it will not be listed on the client’s quote.

Ask about These Special Offers!

We also offer many special promotions including a free gutter cleaning with the installation of new gutters (within 12 months of the installation) and free repairs if your gutters’ corners leak within the first year of installation. Certain conditions may apply; contact us for more details!

Have questions about our gutter cleaning services? Please feel free to contact us for more information. We look forward to assisting you in the Lower Mainland!

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